Instagram & Facebook LIVE SALE - The Goodman Home

You are invited to a night of shopping at The Goodman Home, from YOUR home!
On Wednesday, April 29th, Lisa & Alan Goodman will be coming to you LIVE from their Williamsburg, Virginia location to show off some incredible finds (all at a significantly discounted price) that you can claim right from the comfort of your own home!
We will be featuring items of all sizes (everything from earrings to furniture) that will be numbered. If you see something you would like to purchase, simply comment "SOLD" + the item number. The first person to claim an item will be considered the "winner."
- Your phone, laptop, or tablet (be sure to like us on facebook and head to our page at the time of sale)
- Your favorite quarantine bathrobe & slippers
- Some stay-at-home snacks
Some other suggestions for things to bring along for your big night in include but are not limited to:
- A furry friend or pet(S)
- A large bowl of ice cream or glass of wine!
We hope you join us!

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