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Antique Emerald Green Round English KC-39 Poison Bottle

Antique Emerald Green Round English KC-39 Poison Bottle

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Item: Utility/Poison Bottle

Make: English Origin

Model: KC-39 (Rudy Kuhn Poison Bottle Workbook)

Age: ca. 1885

Construction: Glass (Blown in Mold)

Dimensions: 6 1/2" T x 2 3/8" Dia

Condition: Very good. One small chip to the bottom edge of the bottle. Please see photos.

Details: BIMAL. Embossed "POISON" at the foot of the back & "NOT TO BE TAKEN" down the front with vertical ribbing. Bottom is embossed "IXL" which was a trademark for Ayrton & Sanders of Duke St. Liverpool from1885-1890.

Sanders was a manufacturing & wholesale chemist from 1868 to until they were taken over by A.A.H. Pharmaceuticals in 1987.

Throughout the 19th century, new hazardous compounds including medications, household cleansers, and pest control entered the market. Poison bottles were frequently marked with certain raised forms or distinctive patterns to help prevent accidents. This was especially helpful if you were handling bottles by candlelight. Cobalt blue, inky black, and dark green were popular hues for antique poison bottles, and they frequently included raised text or inlays spelling out "POISON" or "DEATH" among designs of raised latticework, deep grooves, geometric forms, and, most frequently, the skull and crossbones.

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